McDonald’s Murder: Irate Customer Shoots Lawyer, Leaving Community Shook

McDonald's Murder: Irate Customer Shoots Lawyer, Leaving Community Shook
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Hous­ton in shock as a local McDon­ald’s turns dead­ly. Cus­tomer rage erupts after a dis­pute over an order, lead­ing to the mur­der of a well-respect­ed attor­ney. Here’s the low­down and what you need to know to stay safe.

Livid Dude Shoots Lawyer at Mick­ey D’s (Who is the Suspect?)

57-year-old Antho­ny Landry is want­ed for mur­der­ing lawyer Jef­frey Lim­mer (46) after a McDon­ald’s order melt­down. Landry alleged­ly flipped out, demand­ing a refund and get­ting phys­i­cal with staff. Lim­mer, try­ing to be a hero, stepped in to calm things down. Big mis­take. Landry alleged­ly shoved Lim­mer, grabbed a gun, and unloaded, killing the attor­ney on the spot. Cold-blood­ed. (What is Aggra­vat­ed Assault?)

Landry: A Walk­ing Red Flag (This Dude Had Issues)

Landry was­n’t exact­ly a mod­el cit­i­zen. Turns out, he was already out on bond for beat­ing a fam­i­ly mem­ber ear­li­er this year. Not his first rodeo either, with a rap sheet dat­ing back to the 90s for drugs. (Fast Food Work­er Safe­ty Tips)

Lim­mer: A Lawyer Who Cared (Remem­ber­ing the Victim)

Lim­mer’s fam­i­ly is heart­bro­ken. They described him as a cham­pi­on for the under­dog, some­one who always fought for what’s right. That’s prob­a­bly why he tried to inter­vene. A true hero, gone too soon. (Fast Food Vio­lence: How Com­mon is it?)

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