Metal Wire in My Panda Express?! Rushed to ER — Scary Story!

Metal Wire in My Panda Express?! Rushed to ER - Scary Story!
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Ever bite into some­thing unex­pect­ed? This Kent, WA mom­ma did — a METAL WIRE in her Pan­da Express! Miri­am Yocu­pi­cio says it was a close call (March 31st!), almost her last meal!

Imag­ine enjoy­ing your fave Pan­da Express at home, then BAM! Some­thing sharp stabs your throat. Yikes! Miri­am knew this was­n’t nor­mal and drove straight to the ER. An X‑ray con­firmed it — a 2‑inch met­al object lodged in her throat!

Doc­tors final­ly removed the wire, but Miri­am’s not hap­py. She’s suing Pan­da Express, claim­ing neg­li­gence. Her lawyer says this should­n’t have hap­pened, peri­od! Appar­ent­ly, Pan­da Express has a his­to­ry of sim­i­lar inci­dents. #Not­Cool

This rais­es HUGE food safe­ty con­cerns. Should­n’t our food be safe? Miri­am’s lawyer agrees, say­ing this NEEDS to stop. Pan­da Express is “inves­ti­gat­ing” but insists cus­tomer safe­ty is their top pri­or­i­ty. #WeShallSee

This law­suit could force Pan­da Express to change how they oper­ate. Courts have already told them to ditch cer­tain brush­es that could break and con­t­a­m­i­nate food. Looks like Pan­da Express might have a prob­lem on their hands (and in their food!).

One thing’s for sure: Miri­am and her fam are say­ing BYE BYE to Pan­da Express for a loooong time. #Nev­er­A­gain This is a wake-up call for Pan­da Express and ALL fast-food chains: Keep our food safe! #Food­Safe­t­y­Mat­ters #Fast­Food­Fail

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