Mexico Rally Horror: Stage Collapse Kills 5 at Candidate’s Event

Mexico Rally Horror: Stage Collapse Kills 5 at Candidate's Event
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OMG! A polit­i­cal ral­ly in Mex­i­co turned dead­ly yes­ter­day when a stage col­lapse left at least 5 peo­ple dead and over 50 injured.

What Hap­pened?

Things got wild at a cam­paign event for long-shot can­di­date Jorge Álvarez MĂĄynez. A crazy wind gust slammed into the stage, send­ing the whole thing CRASHING down! Video shows the top of the stage crum­pling like paper. Yikes! ⚠

Who Got Hurt?

At least 7 peo­ple were on stage when it went down, includ­ing MĂĄynez him­self. Thank­ful­ly, he escaped unharmed, but sev­er­al of his team mem­bers weren’t so lucky and got hurt.

What Now?

This tragedy is a HUGE wake-up call about safe­ty at big events, espe­cial­ly with bad weath­er. The whole coun­try is mourn­ing the vic­tims and hop­ing the injured make a full recovery.

Stay Tuned!

Inves­ti­ga­tors are still fig­ur­ing out what exact­ly hap­pened. We’ll keep you posted!

Mex­i­co Elec­tion Update

This dead­ly event comes just weeks before Mex­i­co’s HUGE pres­i­den­tial elec­tion! đŸ‡ČđŸ‡œ MĂĄynez was run­ning third in the polls, but this might shake things up.

Stay informed about the elec­tion and this devel­op­ing story!

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