Miracle Dog Breaks the Odds and Wags His Tail Again After Hit and Run Tragedy

Miracle Dog Breaks the Odds and Wags His Tail Again After Hit and Run Tragedy_Ward the dog under a car

It was a race against time to save Ward, a sweet senior dog who was left for dead after a hit and run acci­dent left him par­a­lyzed from the waist down. 

When res­cuers found him lying crum­pled under a car, bare­ly cling­ing to life, they feared the brave pooch may nev­er wag his tail again. But thanks to around-the-clock care, a deter­mined spir­it, and the sup­port of his new “fur­ev­er” fam­i­ly, Ward has defied all odds in this incred­i­ble tale of survival.

After weeks of inten­sive phys­i­cal ther­a­py includ­ing under­wa­ter stretch­ing ses­sions and dai­ly leg exer­cis­es, the once help­less hound began tak­ing small steps toward recov­ery. Against enor­mous obsta­cles, Ward slow­ly regained strength in his hind legs and the abil­i­ty to stand on his own — minor mir­a­cles to behold. His cheer­ful dis­po­si­tion and tail-wag­ging per­son­al­i­ty remained despite immense hardship.

When Ward’s res­cue fam­i­ly spot­ted his poten­tial adopters, they knew this spe­cial senior need­ed their sup­port. New mom Kel­lyn, a phys­i­cal ther­a­py wiz, took Ward’s reha­bil­i­ta­tion to new heights with home­made stands and slings to sup­port his grow­ing mobil­i­ty. Play­ing with fos­ter fur-sib­lings gave Ward’s legs the per­fect work­out. Then one day, an amaz­ing sight — Ward’s tail began swing­ing side to side, a clear sign this his recov­ery was complete!

Through deter­mi­na­tion, com­pas­sion­ate care, and find­ing the right fur­ev­er fit, Ward has beat­en unspeak­able trau­ma to reclaim his hap­pi­ness. This remark­able under­dog proves that with love and belief in mir­a­cles, even the most severe cas­es of canine paral­y­sis can be reversed. Ward’s inspir­ing sto­ry will touch all who hear of his indomitable spir­it tri­umph­ing against the tough­est of odds.

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