Mom’s Body Found After Psychic’s Tip! Daughter Rages Against Botched Investigation

Mom's Body Found After Psychic's Tip! Daughter Rages Against Botched Investigation
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Hold on to your crys­tals, this Louisiana miss­ing per­son case involves a psy­chic medi­um and a furi­ous daughter!

There­sa Jones, a 56-year-old mom, van­ished in Feb­ru­ary 2023. Her daugh­ter Ash­ley Deese searched tire­less­ly, but cops came up emp­ty-hand­ed. Des­per­ate for answers, Deese turned to a famous WI psy­chic medi­um, Car­olyn Clapper.

Clap­per was­n’t mess­ing around! She gave Deese super spe­cif­ic details about where to find her mom’s body, down to a big log in the woods! Deese fol­lowed the instruc­tions and BAM! Found her mom’s body by a creek.

Deese called the cops, but things got WEIRD. She claims they ignored cru­cial evi­dence and nev­er inves­ti­gat­ed prop­er­ly. The med­ical exam­in­er said it was an acci­dent (drown­ing and drugs), but Deese does­n’t buy it. Her mom was sober for 20 years!

Plus, the cops would­n’t even talk to Clap­per, the psy­chic who lit­er­al­ly led them to the body! Deese is LIVID. She believes some­thing sin­is­ter hap­pened and the cops just brushed it off.

This case is blow­ing up online. Peo­ple are debat­ing psy­chics in inves­ti­ga­tions and whether the cops messed up BIG TIME. ⚖️ One thing’s for sure: Deese won’t stop until she gets jus­tice for her mom. Stay tuned for updates on this wild story!

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