Mother ‘Euthanized at Swiss Clinic to Punish Estranged Husband, Tortured Adopted Daughter’

Mother 'Euthanized at Swiss Clinic to Punish Estranged Husband, Tortured Adopted Daughter'
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A moth­er-of-three, Cather­ine Kassenoff, took her own life at a Swiss sui­cide clin­ic in order to pun­ish her estranged lawyer hus­band for gain­ing cus­tody of their chil­dren, accord­ing to new reports.

The 54-year-old Westch­ester woman had claimed her hus­band Allan Kassenoff had been abus­ing her and their chil­dren for years, lead­ing to her deci­sion to end her life amid their cus­tody battle.

Kassenoff had her assist­ed sui­cide take place at the Pega­sos clin­ic in Switzer­land last May. She had orig­i­nal­ly intend­ed to kill her­self in Octo­ber 2022, but the date was post­poned for admin­is­tra­tive reasons.

Accord­ing to a psy­chi­a­trist’s report, Kassenoff was of “sound enough mind” to end her life, and her can­cer diag­no­sis was not the pri­ma­ry reason.

Dis­turb­ing new details have emerged about Kassenof­f’s treat­ment of her adopt­ed daugh­ter Ally. 

For­mer nan­nies have alleged that Kassenoff would pun­ish Ally, who was not her bio­log­i­cal child, by “drip­ping water” on her head all day to pre­vent her from sleep­ing. Anoth­er nan­ny claimed Kassenoff had locked Ally in the base­ment for hours as punishment.

After Kassenof­f’s death, her estranged hus­band Allan was grant­ed sole cus­tody of their three daugh­ters. He main­tains that he is still not con­vinced she is actu­al­ly dead, despite receiv­ing death certificates. 

The case has sparked a com­plex legal bat­tle, with Allan suing a Tik­Tok­er who shared Kassenof­f’s videos claim­ing abuse, lead­ing to a set­tle­ment this week.

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