Mystery ‘Pink Cocaine’ Linked to Diddy Sees Bump Across NYC’s Drug Scene

Mystery 'Pink Cocaine' Linked to Diddy Sees Bump Across NYC's Drug Scene
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A syn­thet­ic drug con­coc­tion known as “tusi” or “pink cocaine” has been pop­ping up in a grow­ing num­ber of recent nar­cotics busts in New York City, accord­ing to law enforce­ment sources and experts. 

The drug, which is pri­mar­i­ly made up of ket­a­mine along with oth­er sub­stances like MDMA and opi­oids, has been linked to dis­graced mogul Did­dy and is cheap­er than cocaine, mak­ing it an attrac­tive club drug.

Tusi orig­i­nat­ed in Latin Amer­i­ca with­in the last decade and has since spread into the US, with the noto­ri­ous Tren de Aragua gang from Venezuela report­ed­ly involved in smug­gling it into the country.

Author­i­ties have also arrest­ed indi­vid­u­als with no known gang ties, like 36-year-old Bradley Fer­nan­dez, who was bust­ed with a half kilo of tusi, cocaine, and guns.

The drug’s unpre­dictable mix­ture of ingre­di­ents rais­es the risk of acci­den­tal over­dose for users, who may mis­tak­en­ly think the “pink cocaine” will coun­ter­act the effects of alcohol. 

Experts warn that the addi­tion of fen­tanyl, a dead­ly syn­thet­ic opi­oid, is also a major con­cern as the drug con­tin­ues to spread.

With tusi’s asso­ci­a­tion with Did­dy and its grow­ing pres­ence in New York City’s illic­it drug scene, law enforce­ment is work­ing to raise aware­ness and crack down on its distribution. 

The unique chal­lenges posed by this new “mys­tery pow­der” high­light the ongo­ing bat­tle against the evolv­ing drug trade in the city.

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