NBC Host’s Explosive Claim: Biden Cabinet Secretary Warned of President’s Inability to Run Again

NBC Host's Explosive Claim: Biden Cabinet Secretary Warned of President's Inability to Run Again
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Concerns over Biden’s Cognitive Decline

Accord­ing to NBC’s chief polit­i­cal ana­lyst Chuck Todd, a “senior” mem­ber of Joe Biden’s cab­i­net told him two years ago that they had seri­ous doubts about the pres­i­den­t’s abil­i­ty to run for reelection. 

Todd revealed that the unnamed cab­i­net sec­re­tary ques­tioned whether Biden “can’t run again like this,” cit­ing a lack of inter­ac­tion with the pres­i­dent. This comes amid grow­ing con­cerns about Biden’s cog­ni­tive decline and his abil­i­ty to serve a full sec­ond term.

Calls for Biden to Step Aside Grow Among Democrats

The rev­e­la­tions from Todd add to the cho­rus of Democ­rats, includ­ing promi­nent fig­ures like George Clooney and Michael Dou­glas, who have called for Biden to step aside and allow a younger can­di­date to lead the par­ty in 2024. 

Sev­er­al House Democ­rats have also open­ly expressed their doubts about Biden’s elec­tabil­i­ty and have urged him to recon­sid­er his candidacy.

Biden’s Attempts to Reassure Voters

In response to the grow­ing doubts, Biden has sought to reas­sure vot­ers about his men­tal and phys­i­cal fit­ness, con­duct­ing a series of tele­vi­sion inter­views and mak­ing pub­lic appearances. 

The White House has also been forced to clar­i­fy sev­er­al state­ments made by press sec­re­tary Karine Jean-Pierre regard­ing the pres­i­den­t’s health, fur­ther fuel­ing con­cerns about transparency.

Potential Consequences for the Democratic Party

The tur­bu­lence with­in the Demo­c­ra­t­ic Par­ty over Biden’s can­di­da­cy has raised con­cerns about the par­ty’s abil­i­ty to mount a for­mi­da­ble chal­lenge against a resur­gent Don­ald Trump in the 2024 election. 

As the par­ty grap­ples with this inter­nal divi­sion, the poten­tial impact on down-bal­lot races has also become a source of wor­ry for some Democrats.

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