Neonatal Nurse receives Whole Life Sentence for Murdering 7 Babies

Neonatal Nurse receives Whole Life_ Sentence for Murdering 7 Babies_Lucy Letby on a photo

In one of Britain’s most shock­ing crimes, Lucy Let­by has been hand­ed the harsh­est pun­ish­ment avail­able after a jury found her guilty of the preda­to­ry killings.

Sen­tenced to whole life behind bars with­out parole, the once trust­ed neona­tal nurse will die in prison for her mon­strous acts that saw 7 infants and 6 more fight for their lives. Let­by had worked to con­ceal her heinous crimes, inflict­ing suf­fer­ing on the most vul­ner­a­ble of patients through poi­son, air injec­tions and force-feeding.

Over 10 months, pros­e­cu­tors method­i­cal­ly pieced togeth­er a case show­ing Let­by was the lone fac­tor behind the mys­te­ri­ous tragedy unfold­ing in the hos­pi­tal ward. The judge con­demned her com­plete lack of remorse, label­ing her crimes excep­tion­al­ly cru­el and cynical. 

Though col­leagues saw only a nor­mal young nurse, police uncov­ered depths of deceit in the killer con­ceal­ing among them. In sen­tenc­ing, the fam­i­lies’ pain was acknowl­edged, after their new­born babies were so cal­lous­ly betrayed by one sworn to pro­tect them. Let­by’s name will for­ev­er be infa­mous as one of Britain’s most depraved murderers.

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