New York Cookie Shop Owner Claps Back at ‘Influencer’ Bride-to-Be Seeking Freebies

New York Cookie Shop Owner Claps Back at 'Influencer' Bride-to-Be Seeking Freebies
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In a viral exchange, a New York cook­ie shop own­er bru­tal­ly shut down an aspir­ing “influ­encer” who request­ed free prod­ucts for her upcom­ing wed­ding. The inter­ac­tion has sparked a heat­ed debate about the enti­tle­ment of some social media personalities.

Ana Mon­teale­gre, a recent col­lege grad­u­ate, reached out to Half­sies Cook­ie Com­pa­ny about includ­ing the brand’s cook­ies in her bridal par­ty box­es. How­ev­er, she was inter­est­ed in pur­su­ing a col­lab­o­ra­tion that would mean free prod­ucts in exchange for cov­er­age on her social media accounts.

The cook­ie shop’s own­er, David Maf­fei, was hav­ing none of it. In a scathing response, he informed Mon­teale­gre that she was not an “influ­encer,” point­ing out her mea­ger fol­low­ing of just 904 Tik­Tok followers.

“ ‘Influ­encer’ is a wild label,” Maf­fei wrote in a video mon­tage post­ed to the Half­sies Insta­gram page. He went on to lec­ture the bride-to-be on how “begin­ner influ­encers” should work their way up by first pur­chas­ing prod­ucts and tag­ging the brands before expect­ing freebies.

The exchange has sparked a divide online, with some sup­port­ing Maf­fei’s no-non­sense approach to com­bat­ing enti­tled influ­encer cul­ture, while oth­ers crit­i­cized his ruth­less take­down of the young woman.

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