NEWS: A Playboy model is paid $ 2000 to test men’s loyalty.

March 4, 2022, 3:34 pm

Car­oli­na Lekker, a mod­el who once graced the cov­er of Play­boy Africa, is on a cru­sade to test loy­al­ty and catch cheaters on social media.

For the entic­ing sum of $ 2000, women can send Car­oli­na the phone num­bers and Insta­gram accounts of their boyfriends and see how their oth­er halves react to the mod­el’s advances.

Speak­ing about her method, Lekker told the Dai­ly Star, “I con­tact them on Insta­gram first and wait for them to respond. I keep mak­ing con­ver­sa­tion until the con­ver­sa­tion gets hotter.”

The con­ver­sa­tion ends once a casu­al meet­ing is arranged. And if the man remains loy­al? Lekker says, “If he does­n’t fall for my chat, I give the mon­ey back.”

Lekker, who cur­rent­ly lives in Spain, says she has so far earned $9,800 from the ser­vice and plans to spend the mon­ey on cos­met­ic procedures.

She has already spent $145,000 on plas­tic surgery, with the goal of get­ting “the most expen­sive body on Instagram.”

“I’ve had four nose jobs. The last one cost me $,8700,” she explains.

Along with sev­er­al nose jobs, Lekker has also under­gone lipo­suc­tion, bio­plas­ty, bichec­to­my, and facial har­mo­niza­tion, and says the cost and pain of these surg­eries are worth it.

How­ev­er, Lekker is far from the only per­son charg­ing for these “loy­al­ty tests.”

Tik­Tok user Xavier Long claims to earn $2000 a week by catch­ing cheat­ing girlfriends.

Through this scheme, he has accu­mu­lat­ed over 800,000 views and 5 mil­lion likes since June 2021.

He says: “I make at least $200 a day. If peo­ple ask me, I charge $10, but most of the time peo­ple say, ‘I have this amount of mon­ey, but if it fails, I’ll send you this amount of money.

The most he charged for a job was $750 and the girl­friend failed.

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