A former model claims that drinking his own urine for 17 years has kept his strong abs.

In a crass but seem­ing­ly ben­e­fi­cial rou­tine, Troy Casey, 55, has been drink­ing his own pee and apply­ing it to his skin for 17 years.

He even goes so far as to do urine fasts for a week and put ene­mas of old urine in his rectum.

Troy, orig­i­nal­ly from Ari­zona, USA, was once a mod­el for Ver­sace and is now a life coach and heal­er, attribut­ing his dai­ly urine prac­tice to his ripped physique.

“Uri­nary ther­a­py is an old prac­tice — it just isn’t talked about much. Your own pee is full of amino acids, stem cells and anti­bod­ies,” he said in a recent interview.

“I drink my own urine every morn­ing — I call it dog hair! The feel­ing is electric.

“Apply­ing aged urine is the foun­tain of youth and aged urine ene­mas is one of the ways I have had such a flat stomach.”

Believe it or not, Troy appar­ent­ly has­n’t always been so healthy. He par­tied ear­ly in his mod­el­ing career and said he would swell as a result, prompt­ing cast­ing agents to tell him not to both­er show­ing up on shoots.

This is what led him to fol­low the path of nutri­tion and nat­ur­al and ancient heal­ing meth­ods and he became inter­est­ed in urine ther­a­py — also known as “Shiv­am­bu” in Ayurvedic med­i­cine. — in 2004.

He first drank his own pee when he did­n’t both­er to stop for the bath­room on a long dri­ve and claims the feel­ing of tast­ing his pee was ‘elec­tric’.

The for­mer mod­el attrib­ut­es her weird diet to help­ing main­tain her six-pack abs.

“The first time I tried my own urine I was dri­ving from San Fran­cis­co to Los Ange­les. It’s a long five hour dri­ve. I did­n’t want to stop to take a leak so I peed in a mug and I drank and I was like hey, it’s not that bad!

“The elec­tric­i­ty was so imme­di­ate and sub­tle — I felt a cool hum. Intu­itive­ly, it felt good. I drank my urine inter­mit­tent­ly for a while from there.”

From there, Troy began explor­ing oth­er ways to ingest his own pee, includ­ing doing week-long urine fasts, putting aged urine ene­mas in his rec­tum, and apply­ing his own. pee topically.

He recalls, “My friend who beat tes­tic­u­lar can­cer with Shiv­am­bu chal­lenged me to a sev­en day uri­nary fast where I just drank and curled my own urine for a week.

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