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A man refuses to pay $ 22,000 to repair his Tesla car but chooses to burn it down.

A Finn who was dis­sat­is­fied with a Tes­la Mod­el S elec­tric vehi­cle he had bought decid­ed to set the car on fire after learn­ing that it would cost $ 22,000 to repair its battery.

The man, Tuo­mas Katainen, took his vehi­cle to a Tes­la ser­vice cen­ter when he observed that the instru­ment clus­ter in his Mod­el S was start­ing to dis­play sev­er­al error codes.

After a month-long inspec­tion, he was told the only solu­tion to the prob­lem was to replace the entire bat­tery pack at a cost of $ 22,500.

Katainen also said she was told that her eight-year car war­ran­ty has also expired.

In a YouTube video he said, “So I told them I was com­ing to get my car. And now I’m going to explore the whole car because appar­ent­ly there was no war­ran­ty or anything.

“There is noth­ing left. Absolute­ly noth­ing,” Katainen said to the camera.

“I have nev­er enjoyed the Tes­la so much! And also, maybe I’m the first per­son in the world to blow up a Tes­la. So maybe, made a lit­tle history.

The video which has been viewed over a mil­lion times shows a doll com­pared to Tes­la CEO Elon Musk placed in the car.

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