NEWS: Guinea Bissau
11 people killed in Guinea Bissau failed putsch.

Eleven peo­ple are now rec­og­nized dead in Tues­day’s failed coup attempt to over­throw Pres­i­dent Umaro Sis­so­co Embaló, the gov­ern­ment of Guinea-Bis­sau has said.

Sol­diers and civil­ians are believed to be among the dead.

An exten­sive inves­ti­ga­tion was opened to find the uniden­ti­fied shooters.

The army has con­tin­ued to patrol the streets of the cap­i­tal ever since.

Shops and banks have reopened but there are few cus­tomers in Bis­sau’s markets.

The neigh­bor­hood sur­round­ing the main gov­ern­ment com­pound — the site of a five-hour shoot­ing — remains closed.

Guinea-Bis­sau is a cocaine traf­fick­ing hub between Latin Amer­i­ca and Europe, lead­ing many to spec­u­late that the coup was the work of drug gangs.

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