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A woman in a relationship with a toy airplane says it is the best partner she has ever had.

A woman in Hun­gary has explained how she found love with a toy air­plane, which she now shares a bed with and kiss­es in the morn­ing and evening.

San­dra, 28, from Budapest, says the toy jet is the “best part­ner she’s ever had” after it ener­gized her love life.

The Hun­gar­i­an has been obsessed with air­planes since she was three years old and dreamed all her teenage years of work­ing with them in some way.

In 2021, she final­ly lands a job in the avi­a­tion indus­try sur­round­ed by her favorite things: airplanes.

Pre­vi­ous (human) part­ners had no prob­lem with San­dra’s inter­est in fly­ing met­al objects, but she decid­ed to dive into a full-blown rela­tion­ship with one after break­ing up with her boyfriend late last year.

San­dra’s high-fly­ing romance with the plane she calls “Luffancs” began in Jan­u­ary 2022 after she bought it for £600 online.

San­dra said, “I don’t know why I love him, I just do.

“He’s beau­ti­ful and my soul mate. He is the first thing I see in the morn­ing and the last thing when I go to sleep.

“I would­n’t have it any oth­er way.”

The rela­tion­ship is reach­ing new heights with each pass­ing month and San­dra says she has fall­en in love for the first time in her life.

She said, “We cud­dle and kiss all night and make love. I can do any­thing with him.

“I’ve nev­er felt like this with a part­ner before. For the first time in my life, I’m in love.

“I’ve always loved air­planes, more than the aver­age per­son. It’s nev­er been a prob­lem in my oth­er relationships.

“They nev­er said any­thing and I nev­er asked. If I go away for the week­end, I make sure to take her with me.

How­ev­er, her full-time job at an air­port con­stant­ly con­fronts San­dra with the temp­ta­tion to change planes.

But his love for Luffancs runs deep and his out­ward emo­tions nev­er sug­gest that he feels jeal­ousy for oth­er planes.

San­dra said, “I have some­thing spe­cial and I’m not will­ing to waste it.

“My great love is LX-UCV at the air­port but work is work, I do every­thing at home.

“The most I do with oth­er planes at work is just touch and blow a kiss. I’m not sure if I’ll ever go back to a human relationship.

“Planes are more reli­able as part­ners. I know I can always talk to him.

“I love how planes rep­re­sent end­less oppor­tu­ni­ties. To me, that’s some­thing pos­i­tive and some­thing I want to have in my life.”

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