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Six-year-old boy already owns a mansion and a fleet of six super cars.

A young Niger­ian is liv­ing the lux­u­ri­ous lifestyle of Richie Rich after being giv­en his first man­sion at the age of six, hav­ing also amassed a fleet of super­cars before he even saved up enough pock­et mon­ey for your first CD.

Muhammed Awal Mustapha, known as Mom­pha Junior, can be seen in his Insta­gram pho­tos pos­ing in design­er clothes and fly­ing in a pri­vate jet.

Accord­ing to The Sun, he is the son of mul­ti-mil­lion­aire Niger­ian inter­net celebri­ty Ismail­ia Mustapha, who goes by the name Mom­pha and has 1.1 mil­lion Insta­gram followers.

The dot­ing dad bought Mom­pha Jr his very first man­sion to cel­e­brate his sixth birth­day in 2019, appar­ent­ly writ­ing on social media at the time: “Own­ing your own home is one of the best feel­ings ever. It can­not be described in words, it can­not be quan­ti­fied in money.

“Own­er­ship is a feel­ing that makes the day-to-day of life worth fac­ing. It reas­sures you that after all the ups and downs, you have a place to go…. A place that will nev­er judge you and will always invite you with open arms…

“Con­grat­u­la­tions son on your new home. Your birth­day present from dad.”

In anoth­er post, Mom­pha argued that her child had earned her praise after “pay­ing her dues”.

He said: “The youngest own­er who wears Guc­ci and still owns a house.

“He deserves praise because he paid his due in full.”

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