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A woman has not cut her hair for 23 years.

Ange­li­ka Bara­no­va is 28 years old and is a nurse at the Irkut­sk City Hos­pi­tal in Rus­sia. Her long hair falls to her heels. So far, she has­n’t cut her hair for 23 con­sec­u­tive years.

Angel­i­ca has had beau­ti­ful light brown hair since she was a child. Since the age of 5, Angel­i­ca has nev­er been to a hair­dress­er. She loves her long hair, but tak­ing care of it takes a long time. Ange­li­ka wash­es her hair twice a week, using the most com­mon sham­poo and con­di­tion­er. She nev­er uses a hairdry­er, but gen­tly combs her long hair in the air con­di­tion­er to let her hair dry naturally.

Ange­li­ka admits that the long hair that falls on her heels some­times gets in the way of her life, but look­ing at it, she feels that all the effort is worth it, and she thinks that long hair makes her more beautiful. .

The record for the longest hair in Rus­sia is Tatyana Pis­me­naya from Vol­gograd. In 2006 Tatiana was 43 years old. She has a hair length of 2.7 meters. She is mar­ried and has two sons in a mus­tard fac­to­ry. Job.

Tatyana wash­es her hair every three weeks. Her hus­band and son have to help them every time. It usu­al­ly takes 4 hours for Tatiana to wash her hair, then 6 to 12 hours to dry her long hair. Since her hus­band and sons adore her hair, Tatiana is reluc­tant to cut it.

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