A Woman breaks The Record For Most Nuggets Eaten In A Minute.

The world record for the most quan­ti­ty of chick­en nuggets eat­en with­in a minute has just been beaten.

Leah Shutkev­er, a com­pet­i­tive eater from the UK, has snared the record after con­sum­ing 19 nuggets in just 60 seconds.

Shutkev­er man­aged to eat 352g worth of gold­en nugget vir­tu­ous­ness, with the for­mer record set in 2020 by mod­el and com­pet­i­tive eater Nela Ziss­er, who ate 298 grams worth of nug­gs in the same quan­ti­ty of time.

Accord­ing to her Insta­gram bio, Shutkev­er holds 27 eat­ing- relat­ed Guin­ness World Records. Some of those include
down­ing the utmost jam dough­nuts in three min­utes, the quan­ti­ty of utmost lasagne eat­en in 30 sec­onds, and the fastest time to eat a cucumber.

She indeed holds the record for the fastest time to drink one litre of gravy-which she got down in the gate in just over one minute.
Set­ting out to make indeed more eat­ing his­to­ry, Leah chal­lenged her­self to eat a whole bowl of 20 nuggets while pic­tur­ing the Guin­ness World Records show Lo Show Dei Record.

To her dis­may, she missed out on fin­ish­ing the whole bowl by just one nugget.
In the video­tape, she says “ So, we do have one nugget left in the bowl, and to be hon­est I ’m real­ly dis­ap­point­ed about it.”

In a state­ment released by Guin­ness World Records, they said “ Although she’ only’ man­aged to eat 19, leav­ing the record hold­er dis­sat­is­fied about her per­for­mance, she still sur­passed Nela’s ante­ri­or result by 54 grams.”

This is n’t the only nugget- relat­ed record she holds further.

In 2020, she broke the record for utmost chick­en nuggets eat­en in three min­utes. This girl real­ly loves her nugs.

She smashed the record by eating775.1 grams worth of chick­en, beat­ing the 746-gram record achieved by Thomas Wel­born in 2017.

Leah is real­ly forth­com­ing with her pro­fes­sion and has devot­ed her Insta­gram and YouTube chan­nel to her eat­ing sweats.

Her YouTube chan­nel sits at 313k sub­scribers where she posts chal­lenges of her down­ing burg­ers, Sub­way, wings, bur­ri­tos, and all kinds of foods.

With her last title, she con­tin­ues to solid­i­fy her place as one of the most promi­nent com­pet­i­tive eaters in the world.

Still, we ’d haz­ard a guess that there ’ll be a fair lim­it­ed in line to chal­lenge the record.

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