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The couple with the most modified bodies in the world are nicknamed “the cherubs of hell.”

Vic­tor Hugo Per­al­ta, from Uraguay, and his wife Gabriela are cov­ered in dozens and dozens of tat­toos, hav­ing worked with over 80 artists around the world to com­plete their look.

In addi­tion to body art, the pair also have around 50 pierc­ings, eight micro­der­ma, 14 body implants, five den­tal implants, four ear exten­ders, two ear bolts, and a forked tongue.

Most recent­ly, Vic­tor, whose body is almost cov­ered in ink, includ­ing his penis, had the num­ber six sliced ​​off in the head.

It’s part of his next plan to have ‘666’ — the dev­il’s num­ber — etched into his skin.

Speak­ing of his last piece, Vic­tor said, “Num­ber six is ​​part of what will be the full piece 666, it will have to do with the num­ber of the beast.

“The num­ber six only, to me, does­n’t make any sense. I do the three six­es because I hate reli­gious peo­ple and what they do does­n’t inter­est me, that’s why I do it out of repu­di­a­tion of it. ‘church.”

Adding: “Run­ning one of the six took about an hour of work and due to a sched­ul­ing issue it could not be com­plet­ed in one session.”

Vic­tor him­self has been a tat­too artist for 26 years, but has been inter­est­ed in this art form since he was a teenager.

He recalls: “From a young age I was drawn to col­or­ful art and at the age of 13 I got my first tat­too, which was the word f ** k on the fin­gers of my left hand, and I did it myself.

“I haven’t stopped tat­too­ing ever since, and today, at age 50, I’ve tat­tooed 95% of my body, includ­ing my tongue and genitals.”

He had his first nose job at the age of 22, but did­n’t stop there.

Over the years, he has had his scro­tum, sep­tum, ears and nip­ple pierced.

And although few peo­ple under­stand his pas­sion, Vic­tor does­n’t let it reach him.

“There are a lot of peo­ple who do not agree with this lifestyle and crit­i­cize because they do not under­stand the tastes of oth­ers, these peo­ple are gen­er­al­ly old and have prej­u­dices or reli­gious beliefs”, a- he declared.
“I don’t let that affect me and I don’t pay atten­tion to them.

“The tat­toos on my face make me unique, I don’t want to look like any­one else, they are my idea and designed and exe­cut­ed by friends.

“There are a lot of peo­ple with tat­tooed faces and many make their faces like skulls, although these tat­toos are beau­ti­ful, I am not inter­est­ed in look­ing like oth­er people.”

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