A fight breaks out in one during the Pastor’s message broadcast live on television.

Christ­mas is about peace on earth, but not nec­es­sar­i­ly peace in the church, as 2 men showed a pas­tor in the mid­dle of his ser­mon that their hands were up to date.

This hap­pened at the Olivet Bap­tist Church in Chat­tanooga, Ten­nessee (USA) on Sun­day when sud­den­ly a man approached anoth­er sit­ting in the front row and began to sway. The guy who was sit­ting instant­ly engages ful­ly, and the 2 come off the screen as they con­tin­ue to punch each other.

Bish­op Kevin Adams tries unsuc­cess­ful­ly to stop the fight by say­ing, “Stop, Mar­cus. Mar­cus, come on.” It is not known how long the fight last­ed because some­one unplugged the Church’s live broadcast.

The bish­op lat­er said the man in the white t‑shirt (pic­tured) had just come out of rehab and walked over to the youth pas­tor, who was seat­ed in the front row. The bish­op insin­u­ates that the man in the t may have relapsed because he says the guy did­n’t know where he was.

The bish­op said they man­aged to calm the man down and he burst into tears. The bish­op also said the man said he was going back to rehab and the church ful­ly sup­ports him.

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