A pastor rubs his saliva on the eyes of a church goer to allow him to have visions of God.

On Sun­day, a pas­tor at a megachurch in Okla­homa deliv­ered a ser­mon of bib­li­cal pro­por­tions, using his own sali­va as a visu­al aid to con­vey a mes­sage about how receiv­ing a “vision from God could become distasteful.”

Michael Todd, a 34-year-old man who leads the Tul­sa Trans­for­ma­tion Church, was on stage with anoth­er man, iden­ti­fied as his younger broth­er by TMZ. After spit­ting into the palm of his hand, Todd said, “This is where most peo­ple would­n’t face Jesus any­more. What most peo­ple would do is turn away. Cough­ing and spit­ting more, Todd turned to the man next to him, telling the crowd that God would ask each of them if they would con­tin­ue to stand “when hav­ing the vision, or receiv­ing it, might become dis­agree­able”. Todd then rubbed his hands togeth­er and method­i­cal­ly smeared his sali­va into the man’s eyes.

“And do you hear and see peo­ple’s respons­es?” con­tin­ued the pas­tor, above the cries of dis­gust from the audi­ence. “What I’m telling you: how you just react­ed is how the peo­ple in your life will react when God does the right thing for the Miracle.”

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