NJ Mom Recounts Terrifying Home Invasion by Teen on Mushrooms: “You Dead Bitch”

NJ Mom Recounts Terrifying Home Invasion by Teen on Mushrooms: "You Dead Bitch"
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Mom Shares Her Story of Surviving Deadly Home Invasion by Mushroom-Fueled Teen

In July 2013, Don­na Ongsi­ako opened her door in Colts Neck, New Jer­sey expect­ing to let her cat out. Instead, she came face-to-face with a knife-wield­ing 16-year-old intrud­er who had tak­en mag­ic mush­rooms. In a new inter­view, Ongsi­ako recounts the ter­ri­fy­ing ordeal and reveals the chill­ing last words the teen said before stab­bing her.

“He Stuck the Knife Through the Opening”

Ongsi­ako tried des­per­ate­ly to close the door on the intrud­er, lat­er iden­ti­fied as Bren­nan Doyle. But Doyle stuck his knife through the open­ing, cut­ting Ongsi­ako’s fin­ger and forc­ing his way inside. He then demand­ed her car keys, purse, and a lighter while in an para­noid, agi­tat­ed state from the mushrooms.

“You Dead Bitch”

With­out warn­ing, Doyle lunged at Ongsi­ako with the large knife. “He said, ‘You dead bitch’ and plunged the knife into my chest,” she recalled. The knife punc­tured her lung and caused severe inter­nal bleeding.

A Miraculous 911 Call

Despite her heavy injuries, Ongsi­ako some­how man­aged to drag her­self upstairs to get her cell phone. She was able to briefly call 911 and give a descrip­tion of Doyle before pass­ing out. Emer­gency respon­ders rushed her into sev­en hours of surgery to repair the dam­age from the stabbing.

Teen Arrested Months Later

It took police months but they were even­tu­al­ly able to trace Doyle as the attack­er using DNA left behind in Ongsi­ako’s stolen car. Doyle lat­er admit­ted the mag­ic mush­rooms had sparked para­noid delu­sions lead­ing up to the vio­lent home inva­sion and stabbing.

15 Year Sentence

Doyle pled guilty to car­jack­ing and attempt­ed mur­der charges. He received a 15 year prison sen­tence for the near-fatal assault. Ongsi­ako has since found­ed a vic­tim sup­port group to help oth­ers who have sur­vived ran­dom vio­lent crimes.

Mom Finds Strength to Rebuild Life After Brush with Death

Despite endur­ing tremen­dous phys­i­cal and emo­tion­al trau­ma, Ongsi­ako has focused on mov­ing for­ward. “You just keep going. I did what I had to do to be here today, and go anoth­er day,” she said. Her sto­ry high­lights the dan­gers of mag­ic mush­rooms and sense­less vio­lence, as well as one wom­an’s incred­i­ble will to sur­vive and assist oth­ers in sim­i­lar situations.

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