Nurse Lucifer Convicted as Britain’s Most Prolific Children’s Killer

Nurse Lucifer Convicted as Britain's Most Prolific Children's Killer_Lucy Letby smiling while shhowing a baby cloth

Neona­tal nurse Lucy Let­by has been judged guilty of the sick­en­ing crimes that right­ful­ly earned her the moniker “Lucifer.”

In the largest crim­i­nal tri­al in British his­to­ry, a jury decid­ed the cold-heart­ed fiend was respon­si­ble for slay­ing sev­en inno­cent babies and try­ing to kill six more through sin­is­ter acts unseen since Vic­to­ri­an-era mon­sters like Burke and Hare.

After delib­er­at­ing for three har­row­ing weeks, jurors con­clud­ed the angel of death had delib­er­ate­ly harmed the frag­ile infants at her care via heinous meth­ods like inject­ing air into tiny veins and poi­son­ing with insulin. 

Her reign of ter­ror at the Count­ess of Chester Hos­pi­tal claimed five lit­tle boys and two girls in just over a year, their lives stolen before tru­ly living.

Acquit­ted on a sole count but like­ly fac­ing a life sen­tence befit­ting her evil, Let­by proved too craven to bear wit­ness­ing the damn­ing results of the land­mark case. 

Her depraved deal­ings cement her place amongst Britain’s most accom­plished assas­sins, though none before tar­get­ed soci­ety’s most defense­less. As the full scope of her mon­strosi­ties emerge, the nation mourns lost chil­dren while breath­ing rare relief their exe­cu­tion­er can kill no more.

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