NYC Cops Caught on Cam: Shooting Teen in Mental Crisis

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Shock­ing footage released by NY Attor­ney Gen­er­al shows NYPD offi­cers shoot­ing a 19-year-old expe­ri­enc­ing a men­tal health crisis.

Fam­i­ly Calls for Justice

The vic­tim, Win Rozario, called 911 him­self. But instead of help, his fam­i­ly wit­nessed tragedy. 🆘 The video shows Win’s mom des­per­ate­ly plead­ing “Don’t shoot!” Win’s fam­i­ly is demand­ing the offi­cers be fired and charged with murder.

Cops Say They Had No Choice

Police claim Win threat­ened them with scis­sors, forc­ing them to shoot. ✂️ How­ev­er, the body­cam footage paints a dif­fer­ent picture.

What the Video Shows

  • Offi­cers enter Win’s home after his broth­er explains Win’s men­tal state. ‍‍
  • Win grabs scis­sors but his mom inter­venes and takes them away.
  • Despite the mom’s pleas, offi­cers Taser Win then shoot him. ⚡ It’s unclear if he’s ini­tial­ly hit.

Unan­swered Questions

Did the offi­cers use exces­sive force? ‍♀️ Was the shoot­ing jus­ti­fied? The inves­ti­ga­tion is ongo­ing, but the video has sparked out­rage online.

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