Outsmart Ryanair’s Crazy Baggage Fees: This Guy’s Hack is Genius

Outsmart Ryanair's Crazy Baggage Fees: This Guy's Hack is Genius
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Been there, done that: sur­prise bag­gage fees ruin­ing your chill air­port vibes . Well, one trav­el­er named Daniel said “NOPE” to a whop­ping $76 fee from Ryanair and took mat­ters into his own hands (lit­er­al­ly ).

Fac­ing a suit­case sit­u­a­tion in Mal­lor­ca, Spain, Daniel whipped out a crazy but clever solu­tion to dodge this “rip-off” charge. Remem­ber those annoy­ing fees that weren’t even a thing 10 years ago? Yeah, Daniel was­n’t hav­ing it.

Here’s the genius hack: with some help from his friends, they became a wheel­ie-removal pit crew and BOOM! Instant car­ry-on sized suit­case. Talk about teamwork!

This isn’t the first time some­one’s out­smart­ed sneaky bag­gage fees. Two Ital­ian pas­sen­gers went viral for a sim­i­lar trick, and come­di­an Sebas­t­ian Man­is­cal­co even joked about it on stage. Seems like trav­el­ers are OVER IT with these ever-increas­ing charges.

Daniel’s sto­ry is a win for clever trav­el­ers every­where! It proves that with a lit­tle cre­ativ­i­ty, you can avoid get­ting nick­eled and dimed by the air­lines. As fees keep ris­ing, pas­sen­gers are get­ting more and more cre­ative to avoid them. So next time you face a bag­gage fee bat­tle, chan­nel your inner Daniel and out­smart the system!

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