Phoenix Woman Paralyzed After Law Enforcement Shooting During Husband’s Murder Spree

Phoenix Woman Paralyzed After Law Enforcement Shooting During Husband's Murder Spree
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Phoenix Woman Par­a­lyzed After Law Enforce­ment Shoot­ing Dur­ing Hus­band’s Mur­der Spree

Dodge City, Kansas ([City, State]): A law­suit filed against two Kansas deputies alleges they wrong­ly shot and par­a­lyzed an Ari­zona woman who was kid­napped by her hus­band, the main sus­pect in a dou­ble homicide.

Inno­cent Bystander Shot

Amethyst Mal­one, of Phoenix, Ari­zona, was left per­ma­nent­ly par­a­lyzed after being shot by deputies in Dodge City, Kansas on Jan­u­ary 23rd, 202*3, accord­ing to a law­suit filed in U.S. Dis­trict Court. The law­suit claims Mal­one was an inno­cent vic­tim kid­napped by her hus­band, Leroy Dot­son Mal­one, who was the prime sus­pect in the mur­ders of Amethys­t’s sis­ter, Aysa Rib­ble, and Rib­ble’s boyfriend, Cameron Brown.

Dead­ly Crime Spree Leads to Police Chase

The law­suit details a two-day crime spree start­ing in Phoenix, where Leroy Mal­one alleged­ly shot and killed Rib­ble and Brown before kid­nap­ping Amethyst and flee­ing to Kansas. Phoenix police issued a “Be on the Look­out” (BOLO) for Leroy, men­tion­ing the pos­si­ble abduc­tion of his wife.

Mis­com­mu­ni­ca­tion Leads to Tragedy

On the day of the shoot­ing, a Clark Coun­ty deputy, Heath Hes­ton, received a tip from Okla­homa regard­ing the BOLO. Despite being informed of a pos­si­ble hostage sit­u­a­tion, the law­suit alleges Hes­ton failed to:

  • Request hostage negotiators
  • Com­mu­ni­cate the kid­nap­ping to pur­su­ing officers
  • Iden­ti­fy Amethyst as a poten­tial victim

Law­suit Claims Exces­sive Force

The law­suit states that after a police chase, Leroy Mal­one exchanged gun­fire with law enforce­ment. Dur­ing the con­fronta­tion, deputies Jared Min­drup (Ford Coun­ty) and Hes­ton fired into the vehi­cle, strik­ing Amethyst mul­ti­ple times and leav­ing her paralyzed.

Seek­ing Jus­tice for Wrong­ful Shooting

Amethyst Mal­one’s attor­ney, Tom Por­to, is seek­ing jus­tice for his client. The law­suit names Min­drup, Hes­ton, and their respec­tive depart­ments as defendants.

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