Portland Kidnapping: Doorbell Camera Captures Victim’s Escape Attempt

Portland Kidnapping: Doorbell Camera Captures Victim's Escape Attempt
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A door­bell cam­era cap­tured a ter­ri­fy­ing kid­nap­ping attempt in South­east Port­land, Ore­gon. The video shows a blood­ied woman, fran­ti­cal­ly bang­ing on a stranger’s door and beg­ging for help.

The 47-year-old vic­tim report­ed that she jumped from a mov­ing car to escape her kid­nap­per, 25-year-old Ra Fet, orig­i­nal­ly from Thailand.

Accord­ing to the vic­tim’s account, Fet ini­tial­ly offered her a ride. How­ev­er, he alleged­ly turned vio­lent, mak­ing sex­u­al remarks, threat­en­ing her with a machete, and assault­ing her.

Thank­ful­ly, the vic­tim man­aged to escape. The door­bell video, obtained by Katu News, shows her vis­i­bly injured and scream­ing for help while on the phone with police.

Court doc­u­ments detail that the inci­dent occurred around 1:30 am on Fri­day. Fet alleged­ly offered the vic­tim a ride, which she accept­ed. How­ev­er, the sit­u­a­tion quick­ly turned dan­ger­ous as Fet is accused of mak­ing inap­pro­pri­ate com­ments, grop­ing her, and threat­en­ing her with a machete.

The vic­tim brave­ly jumped out of the mov­ing car when Fet slowed down. She report­ed being struck in the face but man­aged to flee and seek help from near­by homeowners.

Police appre­hend­ed Fet short­ly after. He plead­ed not guilty to kid­nap­ping and sex­u­al assault charges. A judge ruled there was prob­a­ble cause to believe he com­mit­ted a vio­lent crime and ordered him held with­out bail until a fur­ther hearing.

This har­row­ing inci­dent high­lights the dan­gers of stranger dan­ger and the courage required to escape such sit­u­a­tions. The door­bell cam­era footage serves as a chill­ing reminder and a tes­ta­ment to the quick response of law enforcement.

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