Powerful Quake Rattles Delhi as Temblors Emanate from Nepal

Powerful Quake Rattles Delhi as Temblors Emanate from Nepal

Strong vibra­tions vio­lent­ly coursed through Del­hi and sur­round­ing regions on Tues­day, unset­tling res­i­dents as tremors emanat­ed from a 6.2 mag­ni­tude earth­quake cen­tered in neigh­bor­ing Nepal.

Seis­mol­o­gy records reveal the mas­sive tremors, felt with fright­en­ing inten­si­ty miles from the epi­cen­ter, orig­i­nat­ed a mere 5 kilo­me­ters beneath the earth­’s crust. 

This was the sec­ond quake to hit in quick suc­ces­sion, fol­low­ing an ini­tial fore­shock reg­is­ter­ing 4.2 on the Richter scale only hours pri­or. As the mon­strous seis­mic activ­i­ty rip­pled out­ward, pan­ic ensued across the nor­mal­ly placid Nation­al Cap­i­tal Territory. 

While fur­ther seis­mic details are still emerg­ing, the imme­di­ate after­math found a pop­u­lace unnerved by the tem­blors pow­er­ful enough to per­cep­ti­bly shake struc­tures from the quake’s Himalayan source. 

Emerg­ing infor­ma­tion may shed light on the geo­log­ic dis­tur­bances unleash­ing such for­mi­da­ble ground shak­ing far out­side Nepal’s bor­ders in one of the region’s more star­tling seis­mic events.

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