Royals in Crisis: Kate Middleton’s Cancer Battle & More!

Royals in Crisis: Kate Middleton's Cancer Battle & More!
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OMG! Looks like things are tough for the future King and Queen. A close friend of Prince William and Kate Mid­dle­ton just spilled some seri­ous tea about their lives right now, and it’s not good.

What’s the dra­ma? The friend, roy­al styl­ist Ama­ia Arri­eta, says Kate and William are basi­cal­ly going through rela­tion­ship hell This comes after Kate’s shock­ing can­cer diag­no­sis back in March. Arri­eta did­n’t reveal many details, but her words hint at a rough time for the couple.

Can­cer Update? Kate’s cur­rent­ly under­go­ing chemo, and things seem pret­ty seri­ous. The whole fam­i­ly’s been affect­ed, with Prince Charles also bat­tling cancer.

Roy­als in Recov­ery: ‍‍‍ The good news? Kate’s par­ents are help­ing out with the grand­kids, Prince George, Princess Char­lotte, and Prince Louis. We saw a glimpse of Louis rock­ing an Ama­ia shirt for his birth­day – too cute!

Stay Strong, Kate! Send­ing all the pos­i­tive vibes to Kate and the entire roy­al fam. We hope they get through this dif­fi­cult time together.

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