Shocking Revelation: Georgian Twins Discover They Were Among 120,000 Babies Stolen and Sold to Adoptive Parents

Georgian Twins Discover They Were Among 120,000 Babies Stolen and Sold to Adoptive Parents
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In a star­tling dis­cov­ery, two Geor­gian stu­dents, Elene Deisadze and Anna Panchulidze, real­ized they were iden­ti­cal twins who were part of a mas­sive baby traf­fick­ing scheme in Georgia.

The sis­ters, now 19 years old, had a chance encounter on Tik­Tok and lat­er learned they were adopt­ed, lead­ing them to take a DNA test that con­firmed their twin relationship.

The sis­ters are just two of an esti­mat­ed 120,000 babies who were stolen from their par­ents in Geor­gia and sold to adop­tive par­ents over the course of more than 50 years. 

This ille­gal adop­tion net­work, uncov­ered by jour­nal­ists and fam­i­lies search­ing for lost rel­a­tives, involved col­lud­ing mater­ni­ty hos­pi­tals, nurs­eries, and adop­tion agen­cies that would fal­si­fy birth records and sell the chil­dren for cash.

Elene and Anna’s sto­ry mir­rors that of anoth­er set of Geor­gian twin sis­ters, Anna Sar­ta­nia and Tako Khvi­tia, who were also sep­a­rat­ed at birth and reunit­ed years lat­er through social media. The rev­e­la­tions have sparked out­rage and calls for the Geor­gian gov­ern­ment to take stronger action to inves­ti­gate the decades-long traf­fick­ing scandal.

Jour­nal­ist Tamu­na Museridze, who runs a Face­book group ded­i­cat­ed to reunit­ing stolen babies with their fam­i­lies, has evi­dence that at least 120,000 infants were tak­en from their par­ents and sold, often with the adop­tive par­ents unaware of the ille­gal nature of the adoptions.

The gov­ern­men­t’s response, how­ev­er, has been crit­i­cized as lack­ing, with calls for more tan­gi­ble efforts to address this trag­ic chap­ter in Geor­gia’s history.

The dis­cov­ery of these twins’ hid­den past high­lights the endur­ing impact of this wide­spread baby traf­fick­ing scheme, and the ongo­ing strug­gle for jus­tice and reuni­fi­ca­tion for the thou­sands of fam­i­lies affected.

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