Street Racing Tragedy: Mother Fights for Justice After Daughter’s Death

Street Racing Tragedy: Mother Fights for Justice After Daughter's Death
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Ore­gon Mom Furi­ous Over Lenient Sen­tence in Dead­ly Street Race

A Port­land mom is reel­ing after a dri­ver who killed her daugh­ter in a reck­less street race received a slap-on-the-wrist sen­tence. Ash­lee McGill, 26, was wait­ing for the bus when she was struck and killed by a speed­ing car that jumped the curb. The dri­ver, Jonathan Peña, was sen­tenced to just 3 years behind bars, despite exceed­ing the speed lim­it by over 50 mph!

Dead­ly Race, Dev­as­tat­ing Loss

In August 2022, Peña was rac­ing anoth­er dri­ver when he lost con­trol, hit­ting 84 mph in a zone where the lim­it was just 30 mph. The impact was hor­rif­ic, leav­ing McGill’s fam­i­ly shat­tered. Her moth­er, Misty Nichol­son, says the sen­tence is a joke – a “time-out” that won’t stop future tragedies.

Hope for Change: Ore­gon Cracks Down on Street Racing

There is a glim­mer of hope. Ore­gon recent­ly passed a law increas­ing penal­ties for street rac­ing. First-time offend­ers now face up to a year in jail and hefty fines. This case high­lights the need for stricter enforce­ment to pre­vent more sense­less deaths.

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