Supreme Court Affirms ‘Absolute Immunity’ for Trump’s Official Acts

Supreme Court Affirms 'Absolute Immunity' for Trump's Official Acts
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In a 6–3 rul­ing, the Supreme Court has affirmed that for­mer Pres­i­dent Don­ald Trump enjoys “absolute immu­ni­ty” from pros­e­cu­tion for his “offi­cial acts” while in office.

This deci­sion could sig­nif­i­cant­ly impact the ongo­ing legal cas­es against Trump, poten­tial­ly delay­ing or even pre­vent­ing his crim­i­nal prosecution.

The high court’s rul­ing over­turned an ear­li­er deci­sion by a fed­er­al judge, clear­ing the way for more appeals by Trump’s legal team. This could push the tri­al sched­ule in the 2020 elec­tion case against him back months or even years, if it hap­pens at all.

Chief Jus­tice John Roberts, writ­ing for the major­i­ty, stat­ed that “the Pres­i­dent enjoys no immu­ni­ty for his unof­fi­cial acts, and not every­thing the Pres­i­dent does is official.” 

How­ev­er, he added that “the Pres­i­dent there­fore may not be pros­e­cut­ed for exer­cis­ing his core con­sti­tu­tion­al pow­ers, and he is enti­tled, at a min­i­mum, to a pre­sump­tive immu­ni­ty from pros­e­cu­tion for all his offi­cial acts.”

The deci­sion is a major vic­to­ry for Trump, who has faced a slew of legal chal­lenges since leav­ing office. The for­mer pres­i­dent is cur­rent­ly fac­ing sev­er­al crim­i­nal cas­es, includ­ing the 2020 elec­tion sub­ver­sion case, the Mar-a-Lago doc­u­ment case, and a rack­e­teer­ing indict­ment in Georgia.

The Supreme Court’s rul­ing sug­gests that the jus­tices, par­tic­u­lar­ly the con­ser­v­a­tive major­i­ty, were con­cerned about the poten­tial for polit­i­cal­ly moti­vat­ed pros­e­cu­tions of pres­i­dents in the future. 

The deci­sion could have far-reach­ing impli­ca­tions for the bal­ance of pow­er between the exec­u­tive and judi­cial branch­es, as well as the abil­i­ty to hold pres­i­dents account­able for their actions.

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