Suspect Arrested for Allegedly Punching Seven Random Women in New York City

Suspect Arrested for Allegedly Punching Seven Random Women in New York City
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New York City author­i­ties have appre­hend­ed a sus­pect accused of punch­ing sev­en women in a series of seem­ing­ly ran­dom and unpro­voked attacks. 

Daquan Arm­stead, a 31-year-old man from East Bronx, was tak­en into cus­tody by the New York Police Depart­men­t’s Hate Crimes Task Force on Tues­day. Arm­stead alleged­ly tar­get­ed women in Low­er Man­hat­tan from late March to mid-April, punch­ing them in the face, head, or back.

While being escort­ed from the police sta­tion, Arm­stead claimed that the women had spit at him, prompt­ing his actions. How­ev­er, law enforce­ment offi­cials denied these alle­ga­tions, stat­ing that there was no evi­dence to sup­port his claims.

Arm­stead has been arrest­ed on sus­pi­cion of mul­ti­ple charges, includ­ing hate crime/assault, attempt­ed hate crime, and aggra­vat­ed harass­ment. The string of assaults occurred amidst a rise in unpro­voked attacks in Man­hat­tan, with at least 50 of the 95 report­ed inci­dents involv­ing female victims.

Police have released a time­line of the alleged attacks, which began on March 24 and con­tin­ued through April 17. The vic­tims ranged in age from 24 to 44 years old, and all refused med­ical atten­tion fol­low­ing the assaults. 

These inci­dents appear to be unre­lat­ed to a series of attacks ear­li­er this year that gained atten­tion after vic­tims shared their sto­ries on TikTok.

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