Suspected NYC Jihadist Smiles as He’s Led From Stationhouse in Cuffs

Suspected NYC Jihadist Smiles as He's Led From Stationhouse in Cuffs
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A heav­i­ly armed Queens man with alleged jihadist lean­ings was all smiles as he was led out of a sta­tion­house in hand­cuffs by NYPD offi­cers on Thursday.

Judd San­son, 29, cracked a grin when reporters ques­tioned him as cops escort­ed him out of the 110th Precinct in Coro­na, and broke into a wide smile when asked if he pur­chased his arse­nal on Amazon.

San­son is set to be arraigned on weapons and ammu­ni­tion pos­ses­sion charges in Queens Crim­i­nal Court lat­er in the day fol­low­ing his ear­ly morn­ing arrest.

Police said San­son was believed to have been liv­ing in his black Ford Explor­er when cops stopped him for hav­ing obscured license plates. Upon search­ing the vehi­cle, they found a mas­sive cache of weapons, including:

A loaded 9mm gun
Nine ful­ly loaded mag­a­zines
An NYPD vest
Two axes
A stun gun
Mul­ti­ple knives
A weight­ed whip
A Guy Fawkes “V for Vendet­ta” mask
An orange MTA vest
An expand­able baton with dis­turb­ing mes­sages etched on it
NYPD Chief Jef­frey Mad­drey said the sus­pect had a “pen­chant for jihadist teach­ings” and was con­sid­ered a sus­pect­ed NYC jihadist. The haul of weapons and gear found in San­son’s vehi­cle raised alarms among law enforcement.

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