Tampons & Toxic Shock Syndrome: What You Need to Know ASAP!

Tampons & Toxic Shock Syndrome: What You Need to Know ASAP!
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Tam­pons are a peri­od must-have, but hold up! A 24-year-old almost died from a rare con­di­tion called Tox­ic Shock Syn­drome (TSS) even though she changed tam­pons regularly.

Lau­ren Wass­er, now 36, is here to drop some seri­ous knowl­edge bombs. For­get the 8‑hour rule! TSS can strike any­time, even with prop­er use. Tam­pons might be hid­ing secret nas­ties like bleach & pes­ti­cides These tox­ins can mess with your body dur­ing your peri­od, cre­at­ing a breed­ing ground for TSS.

Here’s the real tea: Lau­ren woke up feel­ing like death, organs shut­ting down. ☠ Rushed to the hos­pi­tal, she had a 1% chance of sur­vival. Doc­tors dis­cov­ered TSS and ampu­tat­ed part of her leg to stop gan­grene. Sad­ly, the pain got so bad, she even­tu­al­ly lost her oth­er leg too.

PSA: Pads over tam­pons when you’re sick! đŸ©č Your body’s already fight­ing some­thing, don’t add fuel to the fire with a poten­tial toxin.

Knowl­edge is pow­er! Edu­cate your­self and your crew (yes, guys too!) on TSS symp­toms: fever, puk­ing, sun­burn rash, mus­cle aches, and organ fail­ure. Ear­ly detec­tion is key!

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