Times Square Nightmare: Knife-Wielding Lunatic Attacks His Own Mother

Times Square Nightmare Knife-Wielding Lunatic Attacks His Own Mother_Deqon Massiah with red tee-shirt in court

The unhinged man who ter­ror­ized Times Square with a knife last month has unleashed his mad­ness again, this time tar­get­ing his own moth­er in a hor­ri­fy­ing home invasion. 

Deqon Mas­si­ah, noto­ri­ous for his vio­lent out­bursts and crim­i­nal record, was arrest­ed after he smashed his way into his mother’s apart­ment in a fit of fury.

Mas­si­ah made head­lines on July 12th when he threat­ened musi­cians in the mid­dle of Times Square with a knife. Shocked bystanders wit­nessed the crazed 22-year-old yelling and wav­ing the blade at his vic­tims, bare­ly stop­ping short of stab­bing them. Police inter­vened and sub­dued the dan­ger­ous assailant.

This Sun­day, Massiah’s ram­page con­tin­ued when he showed up at his mother’s Man­hat­tan apart­ment unin­vit­ed. Know­ing his men­tal state and his­to­ry of vio­lence, she refused to let him in. Furi­ous by her denial, Mas­si­ah start­ed to kick her door vio­lent­ly, caus­ing $60 worth of dam­age before offi­cers respond­ed to the domes­tic vio­lence call.

Arrest­ed again, Mas­si­ah now faces more charges of crim­i­nal mis­chief for the prop­er­ty dam­age. He was also denied bail on the domes­tic charges and held on a fugi­tive war­rant for vio­lat­ing parole from a pre­vi­ous sex offense con­vic­tion in Geor­gia. With a long list of crimes show­ing increas­ing aggres­sion despite past lenien­cy from the courts, many New York­ers are won­der­ing if these repeat­ed threats to pub­lic safe­ty deserve harsh­er punishment.

As the case moves through the legal sys­tem, the trau­ma­tized moth­er is said to be ter­ri­fied by her son’s uncon­trol­lable rage and the dan­ger it pos­es when­ev­er he is released from jail. With two fright­en­ing inci­dents in two months, res­i­dents are left ask­ing if the streets will ever be safe until more is done to keep repeat offend­ers like Deqon Mas­si­ah from harm­ing the innocent.

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