Trucker Discovers “Miracle Baby” Crawling in Ditch After Hurricane Beryl Tragedy

Trucker Discovers "Miracle Baby" Crawling in Ditch After Hurricane Beryl Tragedy
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Resilient One-Year-Old Survives Stormy Weather

A truck­er dri­ving through Louisiana was able to spot a one-year-old “mir­a­cle baby” crawl­ing in a ditch as police fran­ti­cal­ly searched for the infant fol­low­ing his broth­er’s mys­te­ri­ous death. 

The infant, iden­ti­fied as King­trail, had to sur­vive stormy weath­er as Hur­ri­cane Beryl inun­dat­ed the area with heavy rain and high wind gusts on Mon­day, but was rel­a­tive­ly unscathed when he was found on Tuesday.

Tragic Loss of Older Sibling

Author­i­ties had found the infan­t’s four-year-old broth­er, Leg­end, in a lake behind a wel­come cen­ter near the Texas state line on Monday. 

Deputies then put out a BOLO (Be On the Look­out) for more infor­ma­tion on the young child’s fam­i­ly, and a rel­a­tive from Mis­sis­sip­pi reached out, express­ing con­cern that it may have been her fam­i­ly member. 

She also men­tioned for the first time that the child had a one-year-old sib­ling, and that the two sib­lings were last seen with their moth­er, Aaliyah Jack, 25, on Saturday.

Miraculous Discovery by Trucker

“There was a lit­tle boy sit­ting down in the embank­ment there,” the uniden­ti­fied truck dri­ver told KPLC. “As I approached him, he smiled at me and then he start­ed cry­ing and walked toward me. 

Once he walked toward me, I grabbed his hand and he stopped cry­ing at that point.” When deputies arrived, they were able to pos­i­tive­ly iden­ti­fy the infant as the miss­ing one-year-old.

Grandmother’s Heartbreak and Custody Battle

The boys’ grand­moth­er, Con­swella Jack, said she is now try­ing to piece togeth­er what may have hap­pened and is fight­ing for cus­tody of the infant, Kingtrail. 

Con­swella explained that her daugh­ter, Aaliyah, had legal cus­tody of the two boys, but after she fell on hard times in April and fled to Baton Rouge, they had a mutu­al agree­ment that Con­swella and the chil­dren’s oth­er grand­moth­er would watch over them until she could get back on her feet.

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