US Soldier Makes Wrong Turn on Way Home, Gets Cuffed in Russia

US Soldier Makes Wrong Turn on Way Home, Gets Cuffed in Russia
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Sol­dier Ditch­es Vaca­tion Route for Secret Russ­ian Rendezvous

Imag­ine plan­ning a trip home after deploy­ment, then get­ting arrest­ed in Rus­sia instead! That’s what hap­pened to a US sol­dier sta­tioned in South Korea. Staff Sgt. Gor­don Black, 34, was sup­posed to be chill­ing at Fort Cava­zos in Texas, but love (or maybe dra­ma?) got in the way. ✈

Secret Girl­friend, Secret Trip

Turns out, Black had a long-term girl­friend in South Korea, but things got messy (alleged­ly domes­tic stuff) and she bounced. Ignor­ing trav­el warn­ings and mil­i­tary pro­to­cols, Black decid­ed to vis­it her in Vladi­vos­tok, Rus­sia. Big mis­take. ⛔

Bust­ed for Booze & Bor­rowed Bucks?

Details are fuzzy, but Black­’s now in jail for alleged­ly steal­ing from his ex. Was it a fight over a miss­ing sou­venir or a “loan” gone wrong? We might nev­er know. ‍♀

More Amer­i­cans Stuck in Russia

Black joins a not-so-exclu­sive club of US cit­i­zens detained in Rus­sia. This adds ten­sion to already strained US-Rus­sia rela­tions, espe­cial­ly with the war in Ukraine. đŸ‡ș🇩

Is Rus­sia a No-Go Zone for US Soldiers?

The offi­cial line is “strong­ly advise against trav­el,” but Black­’s case sug­gests stricter rules might be needed.

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