Wheel of Fortune Contestant Goes Viral with X‑Rated Guess

Wheel of Fortune Contestant Goes Viral with X-Rated Guess
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Wheel of For­tune Gets X‑Rated as Con­tes­tant Makes Hilar­i­ous Blunder

In a moment that will leave you laugh­ing out loud, a con­tes­tant on Wheel of For­tune left the audi­ence and view­ers speech­less with an out­ra­geous guess that quick­ly went viral.

Dur­ing the open­ing round, con­tes­tants raced to solve a four-let­ter phrase puz­zle. With con­fi­dence brim­ming, con­tes­tant Tavaris buzzed in and deliv­ered his answer, much to the sur­prise of everyone.

“Right in the butt?” Tavaris blurt­ed out, send­ing the entire stu­dio into a fit of laugh­ter. The unex­pect­ed answer left a fel­low con­tes­tant gasp­ing, while vet­er­an host Pat Sajak man­aged to sim­ply utter, “No.”

As laugh­ter con­tin­ued to erupt, anoth­er con­tes­tant, Blake, stepped in to solve the cor­rect, fam­i­ly-friend­ly phrase: “This is the best!”

Hilarious Mishap Goes Viral

Clips of the hilar­i­ous gaffe spread like wild­fire on social media, with users crack­ing up over Tavaris’s absurd guess. Many point­ed out the obvi­ous clue – the phrase only had four let­ters, not five like “right.”

Social media reac­tions were a gold­mine of enter­tain­ment. Jokes ranged from “Sir, this is a classy show,” to “One of the great­est guess­es of all time!” Many view­ers pre­dict­ed Tavaris would for­ev­er be remem­bered for this moment, with com­ments like “So many jokes. Forever.”

Lasting Impression Before Sajak’s Farewell

This out­ra­geous moment comes just weeks before Pat Sajak’s much-antic­i­pat­ed retire­ment from Wheel of For­tune after an impres­sive 43 years. While Sajak remained pro­fes­sion­al, Tavaris’s X‑rated guess unde­ni­ably left a last­ing impres­sion on both the live audi­ence and view­ers at home.

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