“Woman Admits to Eating Grandmother’s Remains, Cooking Them in Pasta Dish”

"Woman Admits to Eating Grandmother's Remains, Cooking Them in Pasta Dish"
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In a dis­turb­ing radio con­fes­sion, a woman revealed that she had con­sumed her grand­moth­er’s ash­es and even cooked them into a pas­ta dish that she served to her unsus­pect­ing brother.

The inci­dent occurred dur­ing the “Cash­fes­sion­al” seg­ment on the Aus­tralian radio show Fifi, Fev & Nick. When host Bren­dan “Fev” Fevola, 43, asked the caller, Cheyenne from Narre War­ren, to share her con­fes­sion, she blunt­ly stat­ed, “I ate my Nan.”

Cheyenne explained that her grand­moth­er had passed away in August of the pre­vi­ous year and was cre­mat­ed. While griev­ing, Cheyenne and her fam­i­ly decid­ed to “cheer up” her moth­er by con­sum­ing the ashes.

“My fam­i­ly and myself were griev­ing, so we went over to Mum’s one night and we thought to cheer her up again… let’s eat Nan,” Cheyenne said.

The caller then revealed that she not only ate the ash­es her­self, but also served some to her broth­er, who had recent­ly been released from jail, by putting them in a pas­ta dish.

“After I did it once, I got Mum to do it because I did­n’t want to be alone in it. But that’s not the only part of the sto­ry… this is the part I’ve told nobody. My broth­er got out of jail not too long ago… I put some of Nan’s ash­es in the pas­ta sauce,” Cheyenne admitted.

The hosts were left vis­i­bly shocked by the dis­turb­ing con­fes­sion, with co-host Fifi Box, 47, express­ing her pro­found dis­be­lief. How­ev­er, Cheyenne seemed unfazed, insist­ing that she felt clos­er to her grand­moth­er through the act and that “Nan will live on through me forever.”

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