NEWS: Remains of famous US climber Hillaree Nelson found on Himalayas’ Mount Manaslu

A search party in Nepal has recovered the body of famed American climber Hillaree Nelson near the summit of Manaslu in the Himalayas

A search par­ty in Nepal has recov­ered the body of famed Amer­i­can climber Hilla­ree Nel­son near the sum­mit of Man­aslu in the Himalayas.

Nel­son, 49, went miss­ing while descend­ing the world’s eighth high­est moun­tain with his partner.

On Wednes­day, res­cuers found the body on the south wall of the 8,163-meter peak. Ear­li­er reports said she had fall­en into a glac­i­er crevasse.

Nel­son was con­sid­ered one of the best climbers of her generation.

In 2018, along with her part­ner Jim Mor­ri­son, she became the first per­son to ski down Mount Lhotse in Nepal, the fourth high­est peak in the world.

She is also the first woman to climb both the world’s high­est peak, Mount Ever­est, and neigh­bor­ing Lhotse, with­in 24 hours.

Mor­ri­son and three Sher­pa guides descend­ed by heli­copter from the sum­mit of Man­aslu about 6,000 meters on Wednes­day morn­ing to retrieve Nel­son’s body, the expe­di­tion orga­niz­ers said.

“The bod­ies have been tak­en to the base camp. After the nec­es­sary legal for­mal­i­ties are com­plet­ed, they will be air­lift­ed to Kath­man­du,” Shangri-La Nepal said. The Post reports.

Pre­vi­ous heli­copter search­es have been ham­pered by bad weath­er and failed.

On the same day Nel­son dis­ap­peared, an avalanche occurred fur­ther down the same peak, killing one per­son and injur­ing a dozen others.

Wit­ness­es said he fell into a deep crevasse in the ice just 15 min­utes after reach­ing Manaslu.

A local guide who trav­eled with them told Out­side mag­a­zine that oth­er climbers who were with them “dis­en­gaged her ski blades and [she] fell on the oth­er side of the sum­mit. ” was reported.

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