Does Staying Still Mean You’re Low-Key Psycho? New Study Says Maybe!

Does Staying Still Mean You're Low-Key Psycho? New Study Says Maybe!
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Sci­en­tists just found a creepy-cool con­nec­tion between head move­ment and psy­cho­path­ic traits in women. Turns out, ladies who bare­ly budge their heads dur­ing chats might score high­er on the “psy­cho” scale.

Researchers ana­lyzed record­ings of 213 female inmates, track­ing how much they moved their heads while talk­ing. The ones with the stiffest necks (think stat­ue, not head­banger) were more like­ly to score high on a test for psy­cho­path­ic tendencies.

This isn’t the first time this “still head = psy­cho” thing has popped up. Dudes in jail who bare­ly move their heads also tend to score high on the psy­cho test. But here’s the twist: women might be bet­ter at hid­ing their psy­cho under a calm exterior.

That’s because soci­ety expects men to be loud and wild, while women are kin­da stereo­typed as being chill. So, a woman who bare­ly moves her head might just fly under the radar, even though she might be giv­ing off major psy­cho vibes. ️‍♀️

This study is super inter­est­ing, but it’s impor­tant to remem­ber it’s still ear­ly days. More research is need­ed to ful­ly under­stand the link between head move­ment and being psy­cho (in women or anyone!).

Still, this dis­cov­ery could be a game-chang­er for spot­ting psy­cho­path­ic traits, espe­cial­ly in women. This could be super help­ful in ther­a­py, court cas­es, and maybe even fig­ur­ing out your next Tin­der date? Just sayin’.

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