SCIENCE: A planet close to Earth has been discovered.

It is only 25% of the mass of the Earth and is prob­a­bly not habitable.

The new plan­et is the third plan­et dis­cov­ered in its plan­e­tary system.

It is called Prox­i­ma d and its neigh­bor­ing plan­ets are called Prox­i­ma b and Prox­i­ma c.

Prox­i­ma b was first spot­ted in 2016 and final­ly con­firmed in 2020.

The dis­cov­ery of Prox­i­ma d could indi­cate that there are many more plan­ets to be found in this region.

We could be look­ing at a sys­tem sim­i­lar to our own solar system.

The plan­ets orbit a star called Prox­i­ma Centauri.

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