A man finds a meteorite worth $100,000 in a field.

A man has found a mete­orite worth up to $100,000 in a farmer’s field after search­ing for it for 18 months.

Tony Whild­ing, 38, from Wrex­ham, North Wales, began his hunt after a fire­ball shot through his house and was extinguished.

He said: ‘I was in my back gar­den hav­ing a cig­a­rette at mid­night when I noticed the sky light up above my head.

“I looked up to see a low-fly­ing fire­ball with two swirling smoke trails.

“It got brighter as it approached my house about twice its height. It was so low you could have kicked a soc­cer ball up in the air and it would have hit it.

“Walk­ing through it went out with­in sec­onds. There was no noise, it just dis­ap­peared, leav­ing only the smoke tests.

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