Brittany Renner Stuns Hall of Famer with Graphic Admission of Epic Sex Life

Brittany Renner Stuns Hall of Famer with Graphic Admission of Epic Sex Life

Brit­tany Ren­ner left Pro Foot­ball leg­end Shan­non Sharpe reel­ing dur­ing an explo­sive tell-all about her sex­u­al expe­ri­ences.

On Sharpe’s pod­cast “Club Shay Shay,” Ren­ner brazen­ly com­pared her stag­ger­ing num­ber of past part­ners to base­ball icon Derek Jeter’s noto­ri­ous­ly impres­sive ros­ter. But noth­ing could have pre­pared Sharpe for what came next. 

“I’ve slept with 35 guys,” Ren­ner blunt­ly revealed, send­ing the hoFamer into a tail­spin that saw him near­ly choke on his drink before toss­ing back sev­er­al shots in stunned silence. 

The real­i­ty TV per­son­al­i­ty then pro­vid­ed cringe-wor­thy details about con­tract­ing a yeast infec­tion from sleep­ing with three men in one 24-hour peri­od. The uncom­fort­able admis­sion was fol­lowed by Ren­ner open­ing up about her rela­tion­ship with NBA play­er P.J. Wash­ing­ton and get­ting preg­nant believ­ing he was “the one.” 

While the baby plan did­n’t pan out, Ren­ner insist­ed hav­ing since buried the hatch­et, even claim­ing to have bond­ed with Wash­ing­ton’s new fiancée over a four-hour brunch chat dis­sect­ing their entanglement.

Left reel­ing from Ren­ner’s over­shar­ing spree, Sharpe could only watch in dis­be­lief as one of the wildest con­fes­sions he’d ever heard unfold­ed before him.

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