Ex-MLB Star Raul Mondesi Sentenced to 6 Years in Jail for Embezzling $5 Million as Mayor

Ex-MLB Star Raul Mondesi Sentenced to 6 Years in Jail for Embezzling $5 Million as Mayor
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ForĀ­mer MLB Star Raul MonĀ­deĀ­si SenĀ­tenced to 6 Years in Jail for EmbezĀ­zleĀ­ment Charges

Raul MonĀ­deĀ­si, a forĀ­mer MLB playĀ­er known for his time with the Los AngeĀ­les Dodgers and New York YanĀ­kees, has been senĀ­tenced to 6 years and 9 months in jail by a DominiĀ­can court for embezĀ­zling $5 milĀ­lion while servĀ­ing as mayĀ­or of San CristoĀ­bal in the DominiĀ­can Republic.

MonĀ­deĀ­si, 53, was conĀ­victĀ­ed of corĀ­rupĀ­tion charges in 2017 stemĀ­ming from his time as mayĀ­or from 2010 to 2016. ProsĀ­eĀ­cuĀ­tors accused him of embezĀ­zling the subĀ­stanĀ­tial sum durĀ­ing his tenure.

Despite the lengthy senĀ­tence, the DominiĀ­can court ruled that MonĀ­deĀ­si has already satĀ­isĀ­fied his prison term through 6 years of house arrest. 

ProsĀ­eĀ­cuĀ­tors had preĀ­viĀ­ousĀ­ly tried to have him sent to prison in 2020 for vioĀ­latĀ­ing the terms of his house arrest, but their petiĀ­tion was unsuccessful.

MonĀ­deĀ­siā€™s baseĀ­ball career spanned 13 seaĀ­sons in the majors, durĀ­ing which he won the NL RookĀ­ie of the Year award in 1994 and made the All-Star team in 1995. 

He finĀ­ished with a .273 batĀ­ting averĀ­age, 271 home runs, and 860 RBIs before retirĀ­ing after the 2005 season.

After his playĀ­ing days, MonĀ­deĀ­si tranĀ­siĀ­tioned into polĀ­iĀ­tics, servĀ­ing as a lawĀ­makĀ­er in the DominiĀ­can RepubĀ­lic from 2006ā€“2010 before being electĀ­ed mayĀ­or of San Cristobal. 

His politĀ­iĀ­cal career ultiĀ­mateĀ­ly endĀ­ed in disĀ­grace due to the corĀ­rupĀ­tion charges.

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