Rodeo Star Spencer Wright’s 3‑Year-Old Son Dies After Toy Tractor Accident

Rodeo Star Spencer Wright's 3-Year-Old Son Dies After Toy Tractor Accident
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Heartbreaking Accident Claims Life of Rodeo Star’s Son

Rodeo cham­pi­on Spencer Wright’s fam­i­ly is mourn­ing the loss of their 3‑year-old son Levi, who died trag­i­cal­ly after an acci­dent involv­ing his toy tractor.

The inci­dent occurred on Tues­day in Beaver Coun­ty, Utah. Levi report­ed­ly drove his toy trac­tor into a fast-mov­ing riv­er and became sub­merged. While his moth­er brave­ly attempt­ed a res­cue, Levi suf­fered severe oxy­gen depri­va­tion. Doc­tors con­firmed brain death, leav­ing the fam­i­ly with the ago­niz­ing deci­sion to with­draw life support.

Family Statement Reveals Heartbreaking Choice

A spokesper­son for the Wright fam­i­ly issued a heart­break­ing state­ment. Though Lev­i’s heart con­tin­ued to beat, he showed no signs of recov­ery. “We can’t pro­long his suf­fer­ing,” the state­ment reads. “We’ll hold him close until his passing.”

Rodeo Community Rallies Around the Wrights

The Wright fam­i­ly holds a promi­nent place in rodeo his­to­ry. The rodeo com­mu­ni­ty has unit­ed in their grief, with Pro­Rodeo CEO Tom Glause express­ing con­do­lences on behalf of the entire orga­ni­za­tion. “Our hearts ache for the Wrights,” Glause stated.

The loss of young Levi is a pro­found tragedy for the Wright fam­i­ly and the rodeo com­mu­ni­ty. Our thoughts and prayers are with them dur­ing this incred­i­bly dif­fi­cult time.

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