SPORT: Anti-Covid Vaccine Opponent Kickboxing champion Frederic Sinistra has died of complications from Covid.

The 41-year-old, known as The Under­tak­er, died at his home in Ciney, Bel­gium, after decid­ing to treat the “lit­tle virus” (in his words) at home himself.

He died at the age of 41, at his home in Ciney, Bel­gium
The three-time world cham­pi­on who was forced to seek treat­ment from his train­er in Novem­ber has shared pho­tos of him­self in an inten­sive care hos­pi­tal bed breath­ing through an oxy­gen tube.

After being released from hos­pi­tal, the heavy­weight fight­er report­ed­ly treat­ed him­self with oxy­gen at home.

It comes as a series of over­whelm­ing­ly pos­i­tive stud­ies show Omi­cron to be milder than oth­er strains, with the first offi­cial UK report show­ing that the risk of hos­pi­tal­iza­tion is 50–70% low­er than Delta’s.

Covid boost­er shots pro­tect against Omi­cron and offer the best chance of weath­er­ing the pan­dem­ic, health offi­cials have repeat­ed­ly said.

His death was announced by his part­ner on a Face­book post.

The ath­lete pre­vi­ous­ly shared a video in which he could be seen strug­gling to breathe, claim­ing in the cap­tion that he had “no time to waste with sloths.”

Sin­is­tra was last active online on Decem­ber 13, but died two days lat­er after car­diac arrest.

He was admit­ted to hos­pi­tal after being forced there by his train­er Osman Yigin, accord­ing to Sudinfo.

His death comes as France report­ed a record 100,000 Covid cas­es per day as the Omi­cron vari­ant tears the coun­try apart.

Doc­tors say the major­i­ty of patients are not vac­ci­nat­ed, adding that hos­pi­tal staff are exhaust­ed amid the surge in hos­pi­tal admissions.

Fig­ures show those who haven’t been vac­ci­nat­ed against the virus are 60 times more like­ly to end up in inten­sive care.

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