Tom Brady Takes a Knee on Roasts After Jokes Hit Home

Tom Brady Takes a Knee on Roasts After Jokes Hit Home
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Tom Brady’s throw­ing shade at roasts them­selves! The NFL GOAT dished on his Net­flix roast, “Great­est Roast of All Time,” admit­ting it was­n’t all touchdowns.

While Brady enjoyed being the tar­get (it’s kin­da his thing), jokes about his fam­i­ly, par­tic­u­lar­ly his split with Gise­le Bünd­chen, land­ed rough with his kids.

“It affect­ed my kids,” Brady revealed on “The Piv­ot,” clear­ly regret­ting some of the material.

Guess those divorce jokes were a fum­ble! Jokes at his expense? Bring it on. But mess­ing with his fam­i­ly? That’s a penal­ty flag.

This expe­ri­ence might have per­ma­nent­ly retired Brady from roasts. “I would­n’t do that again,” he said, high­light­ing the impor­tance of con­sid­er­ing loved ones. ❤️

Turns out, even the GOAT can’t win them all. But hey, at least he learned a valu­able les­son: jokes are fun­ny, but fam­i­ly mat­ters more. ‍‍‍

Brady still encour­ages com­e­dy, though. “We should have more fun,” he said. Just maybe skip the fam­i­ly jabs next time.

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