Susannah Reed interrupts interview after being angered by “scandalous” allegations from Prince Andrew’s ex-girlfriend

Prince Andrew’s ex-girl­friend Lady Vic­to­ria Har­vey made a series of scan­dalous alle­ga­tions on the lat­est edi­tion of Good Morn­ing Britain, prompt­ing Susan­nah Reid to abrupt­ly end the interview.

Princess Vic­to­ria, who briefly dat­ed the Duke of York in 1999, appeared on the show Thurs­day morn­ing and spoke to Susan­nah Reid and Ben Shepard.

In the ITV stu­dios, I joined lawyer and cam­paign­er Dr Char­lotte Proud­man to dis­cuss recent reports that the late Queen encour­aged the oust­ed prince to con­sid­er char­i­ty as a route back into pub­lic service.

Lady Vic­to­ria will chal­lenge a mul­ti-mil­lion dol­lar set­tle­ment with Vir­ginia Giuf­fre, who accused the Duke of York of sex­u­al­ly assault­ing her when she was a minor, she said.

She claims she was forced to have sex with Andrew when she was 17 by con­vict­ed financier Jef­frey Epstein and his impris­oned socialite Ghis­laine Maxwell. He vehe­ment­ly denies the allegations.

In Feb­ru­ary, Andrew reached an out-of-court set­tle­ment with Giuf­fre, which includ­ed a dona­tion to his char­i­ty that “sup­ports vic­tims’ rights.” He denied any responsibility.

“He does­n’t have much to lose, so he’s going to fight her. I think he’s tak­ing the gloves off. He’s been wait­ing for this moment for a year.”

Vic­to­ria claims that the infa­mous pho­to of Andrew putting his arm around the accuser Giuf­fre is fake, and she claims she can prove it on her ITV show.

As Lady Vic­to­ria con­tin­ued her accu­sa­tions against Giuf­fre, she stepped in to end her argu­ments that Susan­nah could­n’t back up on her show.

She said, “Let’s get down to busi­ness. I’m not going to pre­tend that Vir­ginia Giuf­fre is a vic­tim. She cer­tain­ly is.

Vic­to­ria then took offense at being called a “liar” instead, and Dr. Char­lotte called atten­tion to her lan­guage in the studio.

She said, “Mind you, even Prince Andrew has admit­ted to sex­u­al assault.” I returned the favor. A lot of things came out that she is a real scammer.

Lady Vic­to­ria then turned to Susan­nah and she shout­ed, “She’s laugh­ing,” to which the Good Morn­ing Britain host replied, “She’s not laughing.”

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